Thursday, 26 July 2012

Star in your very own Olympics Games!

Every dreamed of winning the gold medal or fantasized about competing against the very best in the World? Well now you have the chance with the amazing new online sport and fitness competition which is becoming a smash all around the World. Simply pick the event you want to compete in and compete! There is everything from football, golf, cycling, running to fitness challenges such as ‘How many push-ups can you do in one minute?’ On the off chance that there is no event you want to compete in, don’t worry, simply create it and broadcast it to athletes around the World.
Don’t wait for Team GB selectors tocome knocking, take the challenge right now!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Ultimate Plank Test

How long can you continuously hold yourself in a lowered push-up position (see challenge photo for example). Your arms must be in a position where your forearm is at 90 degrees from your bicep. Your body must be straight / horizontal with no arching of the back or bum. Sound easy? - you won't be saying that when your whole body is shaking! One tip before we get started: post video evidence if you want to be taken seriously and avoid the wrath of your fellow competitors.

Top Sportsmen and Women for July 2012

Each month I will be adding a list of Sportsmen and Women who I feel have excelled in their field of expertise. Here goes:-
1)      Bradley Wiggins (cycling) – Tour de France win seals his greatness.
2)      Fernando Alonso (motor racing) – Back to his best and keeping Vettel and Webber at bay.
3)      Ernie Els (golf) – rolled back the years to win the Open Championship
4)      Anderson Silva (MMA) – will this guy ever get beat again?
5)      David Haye (boxing) – put his name in the frame for a World title shot after beating Chisora.

Bradley Wiggins: winner of the Tour De France 2012

Olympic gold medallistBradley Wiggins re-wrote the history books by becoming the first British rider to win the Tour De France.  It was a great day for British cycling all round as the brilliant Chris Froome took 2nd place overall and fellow Olympian Mark Cavendish won the final stage, sprinting down the Champs Elysees to share the glory.
There was to be no last day agony for Wiggins, who safely negotiated himself around Paris , to complete the formalities after Saturday's awesome  time-trial victory gave him an almost untouchable lead.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Take the Hughesfit Bicep Blast Challenge has teamed up with Ryan Hughes of to create the new prize 'Bicep Blast Challenge'. 150 reps - 3 exercises - 30% bodyweight; this is not a challenge to be taken lightly!
The competitors holding the top 3 leader-board positions on 16th October 2012 will win the following:

1st Place - HughesFIT Swag Tank, Blast Tee & a copy of the 'Blast Training System.'

2nd Place - HughesFIT Blast Tee & a copy of the 'Blast Training System.'

3rd Place - Copy of the 'Blast Training System.'

The challenge details are as follows:

1) Challenger then must complete 50 reps of standing Straight Bar Curls with 30% of body weight on barbell.
2) Challenger must complete 50 reps of standing EZ Bar Curls with 30% of body weight on barbell.
3) Challenger then must finish with 50 reps of standing Rope Curls with 30% of body weight on machine.

This challenge is for time, so move as fast as possible. Technique is key, and this challenge takes into account the rating added by your fellow competitors.

Follow Ryan:

The Blast Training System:

Sunday, 15 July 2012

David Haye destroys Dereck Chisora

Former Heavyweight and undisputed Cruiserweight Champion David Haye put on a master class of speed and power to stop Dereck Chisora in five rounds at Upton Park last night. After four cagey rounds where the bigger Chisora was having some success with his come forward style, Haye exploded in the fifth with a four punch combination which saw Chisora hit the canvas for the first time in his career. Chisora bravely got back up and continued to come forward, but when another combination landed the fight was over. Haye now has his sights firmly set on Vitali Klitschko who laboured to a points victory over Chisora earlier in the year. Haye's brutal knock-out of the granite chinned Chisora is sure to send shockwaves round the Heavyweight division.
Where does Dereck Chisora go now? Redemption may come in the form of Tyson fury or David Price, but will the risk / reward ratio be tempting enough for those undefeated fighters now that Del Boy has a record of 15 wins with 4 losses? Will Haye now go for a re-match with Wlad or a fight with Vitali?

Danny Garcia takes Amir 'King' Khan's crown

Amir Khan's career came to a shuddering halt with a brutal fourth round stoppage at the hands of unbeaten American Danny Garcia. In a packed Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas,  Khan started well with Garcia seeming to have no answer to the speed Amir was bringing to the table. Khan caught Garcia in the 2nd round, opening up a nasty cut just above the American's right eye. Coming out for the 3rd Khan must have been confident he had Garcia's number, but that all changed with a great shot from no-where. It knocked Khan to the canvas and whilst the Brit bravely got to his feet he was on wobbly legs. He somehow managed to see the round out, but look 'spaced out' in his corner. He got up for the 4th round and seemed to have recovered somewhat. However, Garcia sensed blood and every shot landed seemed to have an impact every-time he landed. He sent Khan to the canvas again and when a shot hit Khan's forehead the fight was over. Khan said afterwards he felt he could of continued, but most felt he could have few complaints. Garcia now has the boxing World at his feet, 24-0 and only 24 years old. Where now for Khan? A fight against Kell Brook may be on the horizon - but no chance of a shot at Floyd 'Money' Mayweather anytiem soon.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Headstand Crunches

How many continuous Headstand Crunches can you complete? This is an extremely difficult workout, which requires amazing balance, core strength and focus.The first 40 seconds of the below video demonstrates how the headstand crunches should be performed:-

The winner of this fitness challenge is the person who completes the most continuous headstand crunches without before returning their feet to the floor.

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Upside Down Dip Challenge

Find dips easy - then try them upside down! This workout involves getting into the dip position, then truning upside down and doing as many continuous upside dips as possible. 

Think you are a potential champ? Nows the time to prove it. Get on your dipping bar and do as many as you can. The count stops once you pause for more than 5 seconds or come off the bar. Could you be the biggest upside down dipper?

Get Fit for London 2012: The Bronze Edition Gym Triathlon

Want to get fit for the London Olympics 2012? Don't be a couch potato, get active and show everyone the real Olympic spirit! 

This gym-based workout combines rowing (1 Kilometre), cycling (3 kilometres) then running (1 kilometre). 

The athlete with the fastest combined times is the winner. You need to do all 3 exercises in a single session taking no more than 5 minutes rest between each. 

Too easy for you? - then why not try the Silver or Gold Edition Gym Triathlons? 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Konkura Athlete: Ged Musto

Well what can I say about myself that many in the fitness industry and most importantly the stamina and endurance fraternity don't know about me...

I'm Ged Musto, 48 years young, originally from South Wales but now residing in Leominster, Herefordshire and don't let the age make you think that I won't be able to keep up in the challenges, most of my stamina records I have set have been within the last ten years.

A multi-record holder, at this time holding 4 WR's, 7 British Records, and 1 Army Record, one of the fittest stamina and endurance exponents in the world, on top of this I have been a Personal Fitness Trainer now for coming up 18 years stemming from serving as an airborne PTI, have been chosen as one of the Top 10 PT's in the UK 3 times within the past 17 years (1995/2002/2010),amongst my achievements include:

2,908 Unaided Sit-Ups (Full) in 1 Hour (Official British and World Record) 1999
(Leominster Leisure Centre. Leominster. United Kingdom)

2,467 Press-Ups (Full) in 1 Hour (Official British and World Record) 1995
(Palmer Park Athletics Stadium. Reading. United Kingdom)

1,555 Unaided Sit-Ups (Full) in 30 Minutes (Official British and World Record)2005
(BodyWorx Gym. Hereford. United Kingdom)

856 Strength Sit-Ups in 30 Minutes with 20 kg Plate. 2005(Official British and World Record)
(BodyWorx Gym. Hereford. United Kingdom)

58 Press-Ups (Full) in 30 Seconds (Official British Record) 2008
(BBC Hereford and Worcester Studios. Hereford. United Kingdom)

37 Press-Ups (Full) With 44lbs Backpack in One Minute 2008 (Official British Record)
(Leominster. Herefordshire. United Kingdom)

85 Tricep Dips (Full) in 1 Minute 2008 (Official British Record)
(Bromyard Leisure Centre. Bromyard. United Kingdom)

108 Squat Thrusts in 1 Minute 2006 (Sliding Technique)
(Hereford Leisure Centre. Hereford. United Kingdom)

112 Press-Ups (Full) in 1 Minute 2002 (3rd Official World Highest)
(Bridge Street Sports Park. Leominster. United Kingdom)

110 Parallel Dips (Full) in 1 Minute (Armed Forces Record) 1987 (APTC Centre. Sennelager. West Germany)


14 Minutes 05 Seconds (World Gym Challenge Club Xtreme) 2010
Bike - 2 km , Bench Jumps - 50 (25 Each Side) , Sit-Ups (Full) - 50, Row - 750 Metres , Shoulder Press - 30 x 30 kgs , Step Ups - 50 x 12 kgs in Each Hand (5 Risers) , Bench Press 40 x 40 kgs, Treadmill 1,000 Metres at 5% Incline.
(HALO Leisure. Hereford. United Kingdom)

12 Minutes 34 Seconds (Ultra-Fit Magazine. Clubsport. Gold Challenge) 2010
Consisting of the Following:

Bike - 2.5 km , Abdominal Curls - 60 , Row - 1,500 Metres , Shoulder Press 40 x 25 kgs , Treadmill 800 Metres at 10% Incline.
(Private Gym. Hereford. United Kingdom)

15 Miles with 44lb Backpack in 2hrs 48 Minutes 2005
(Elan Valley. Rhayader. Powys. United Kingdom)

3rd in Concept 2 British Rankings 2,000 Metres 1999
( 6 Minutes 26.3 Seconds)
(Leominster Leisure Centre. Leominster. United Kingdom)

10 Miles with 50lb Backpack in 1 Hour 29 Minutes 1998
(Long Valley. Aldershot. Hampshire).

51 Underarm Pull-Ups in 1 Minute 1997
(Loughborough University. Loughborough. United Kingdom)

44 Overarm Chin-Ups in 1 Minute 1997
(Loughborough University. Loughborough. United Kingdom)

4th in Powersport World X-Training Championships 1995
(Rivermead Sports Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

8th in Concept 2 World Rankings 2,500 Metres 1994
( 8 Minutes 12.1 Seconds)
(South Reading Leisure Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

9th in Concept 2 World Rankings 30 Minutes 1994
( 8,101 Metres)
(South Reading Leisure Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

13th in Concept 2 World Rankings 1 Hour 1994
(15,467 Metres)
(South Reading Leisure Centre. Reading. United Kingdom)

60km (40 Miles) Endurance Walk with 55lb Bergen in
17 Hours 48 Minutes 1988
(Brecon Beacons. Wales. United Kingdom)

10 Miles with 44lb Backpack in 1 Hour 22 Minutes 1987
(Aldershot. United Kingdom)
Over the 30 years I have been involved within the fitness and military industries, I have excelled in sports such as Athletics..(800/1500 for the Army/Corps), Cross-Country for the Army, Badminton (Army/Combined Services/Corps/Gwent), Boxing (Corps), Cricket (Corps), Skiing-Cross Country (Army), Rugby Union (Corps Squad)..

Known as 'Mr Sit-Ups' and 'Mr Press-Ups' amongst many other nicknames by my counterparts I have always been fiercely competitive, very self-driven, I don't like to lose, the only time I concede defeat in a gracious manner is when I know I have been beaten by the better person, that is something that has kept me at the top of my game for all of these years...finally all of the stamina exploits I have done over the years has left me with a degenerated neck problem which will eventually end up with me having neuro surgery in later years but this doesn't stop me from searching for more records to break, and one not involving the neck as much!!!

Konkura Competitor: Ryan Hughes

I am an IFBB Men's Physique Pro, fitness model, top-tier trainer and an entrepreneur. My drive for success and passion for health and fitness is unmatched. I hope to personally meet each and every one of you in the future. My goal is to be a top fitness model and help as many others reach their fitness goals along the way. I want this more than anything and for that reason I will succeed. As I look to continue to push my way into the industry and lives of others, I hope you will follow and support me along the way. Although I am just beginning, it is the constant support and motivation from family and friends that has helped me get to where I am today. I will not stop and I will achieve what I am setting out to achieve. I would love to help and motivate any and all wanting my assistance and guidance. Thank you all for your continued support and I wish you all the best!

Blast Training System Ebook: 
- Top-Tier Fitness Trainer & Coach

- 2011 NPC Junior USA's
1st Place Men's Physique Tall Class
Obtained one of the first two IFBB Pro Cards in Mens Physique
- 2011 NPC Suburban
4th Place Men's Physique
- NPC Lehigh Valley Championships:
2nd Place Mens Novice Heavyweight
3rd Place Mens Open Heavyweight
- Top 5 Finalist in the 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel Contest

- Exercise for Men: November 2010 Issue
- Cover Philly Fit Jan/Feb 2011 Issue
- Mens Fitness: February 2011 Issue
- Mens Fitness: March 2011 Issue
- Mens Fitness: May 2011 Issue
- Mens Fitness: October 2011 Issue
- FitnessRx: October 2011 Issue
- Muscle Mag: Abdominal Special Summer 2011
- Iron Man
- National Ad Campaign
- Gaspari Nutrition National Ad Campaign
- Gaspari Nutrition International Ad Campaign

- Featured on
- Nike Pro Combat 2010 (Virginia Tech)
- Nike Pro Combat 2011 (NFL)
- President/Owner of HughesFIT (
- Gaspari Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
- TEAM Gaspari 

The Arm Destroyer Work out

This challenge is the ultimate in bicep, tricep and upperbody workouts for those in a rush! All you need is a pull-up bar, chair and stopwatch. Your mission, should you accept it, is to complete the following exercises in as quick a time as possible:- 
50 Pull-ups (narrow or wide grip) 
50 Push-ups 
50 Chair Dips 
50 Chin-ups (narrow or wide grip) 
And it has to be in that order!! 
Can you handle a work-out of this intensity? This is a beast of a Fitness Challenge, so be careful you don't overdo it and cause injury. Enjoy the workout. 

Best Bike and Rider

Time to show off your bicycle. This challenge weighs you and your bicycle to see who has the most efficient bike/rider ratio. The lower your number, the heavier you are in relation to your bike and the better your rank will be.

Best Bike and Biker

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Bench-Press Challenge

We all know it's the most useless indicator of strength but the bench press remains the standard. Simply what is the heaviest weight (kg) you can perform 10 full reps on.

L sit challenge

How long can you stay up in the dreaded L sit position legs must be straight, parallel bars are aloud... good luck!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Pitching wedge keepy ups

Incredibly simple, devilishly difficult - do keepy ups with a golf ball on a pitching wedge. You must hold the wedge via the grip, not low down. 

It's the future of golf, I tell you...

300 Workout Challenge

Whoever can score the fastest time in the 300 challenge will be crowned the king of Sparta. Here's what you need to do: 

25 pullups 
50 deadlift (135lbs or 61.23kg) 
50 pushups 
50 box jumps (24in or 61cm) 
50 floor wipers (135lbs or 61.23kg) 
25 clean & presses with each arm (36lbs or 16.33kg) 
25 pullups

Ins & Outs Core Strength Challenge

This challenge is a measure of abdominal core muscle strength. The aim is to do as many 'ins and outs' as possible without pause. 

This is how the exercise is performed (description and video): 

For an in and out you start seated with hands raised at your sides, knees bent with feet on the floor. Raise your feet off the ground and bring the knees in towards your chest with arms doing the same. This is the test start position. Straighten your legs out in front of you and your arms out to the sides, then back in to the chest, without the feet touching the floor. This is one complete repetition. Repeat this movement as many times as possible. 

Diamond Pushup Champ

Challenge is to complete as many diamond pushups that you can. Each diamond pushup must be completed with your feet close together and hands touching each other. You have to go down and touch your chest to your hands and then fully up for each rep to count.

CHAIR DIP CHALLENGE is an event for everyone and their chair! Simple do as many chair dips as possible without pausing or stopping (video evidence required for validation). CHAIR DIP EXERCISE: Sit on the edge of the chair with hands holding front edge, legs extended straight outwards with heels touching the floor. Lower your body off the edge of the chair until upper arms are parallel to the floor. Straighten arms and bring yourself back up to the starting position. 

Always warm-up before you workout.

The Ultimate Plank Test

How long can you continuously hold yourself in a lowered push-up position (see challenge photo for example). Your arms must be in a position where your forearm is at 90 degrees from your bicep. Your body must be straight / horizontal with no arching of the back or bum. Sound easy? - you won't be saying that when your whole body is shaking! One tip before we get started: post video evidence if you want to be taken seriously and avoid the wrath of your fellow competitors.

The GetFitGetLife 3 Minute Challenge

This is the first in the series of GetFitGetLife challenges which will be contested by the GG writers alongside competitors from around the World. is a comprehensive source of information to empower young women to live with a healthy lifestyle.

The 3 Minute Challenge involves completing 1 minute of push-ups followed by 1 minute of sit-ups and finally 1 minute of star jumps. The aim is to complete as many reps as possible in a safe manner whilst maintaining good form. Below is a demonstration of how each exercise should be performed:-




Follow on Twitter: @GetFitGetLife

Maximum Velocity

This is a challenge to see who can reach the fastest speed on a GPS running program. Utilizing a program such as runkeeper or mapmyrun, go for a sprint as fast as possible. Take a screenshot of your maximum speed. The scores will be entered as miles per hour.

Pistol Squats

Here's a challenge that will test your balance, coordination, and also the power of your quadriceps.